Setting delivery fees on

Set your delivery fees like a champ 💪

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How to set delivery locations and fees

Go to your shop

Log into your account on and go to ‘my shop’. There you will see an option to enter your delivery locations and prices

setting delivery location and fees on

Setting blanket prices

If you deliver nationwide, you probably don’t want to list all the cities in the country. That would be too much. You could set a blanket price for a region. E.g 5000 naira for the Southwest, 6000 naira for the north. That way, you won’t have a delivery list that is too long.

Blanket prices uses a general price for an area, instead of specific prices for each location

Why set delivery fees

So you don’t make a loss on delivery

If delivery costs you a dime, you should probably offset it to your customers. It’s the only way to ensure you don’t make a loss.

The locations you deliver to is displayed

Your customers get a sense of where you deliver to when you enter delivery locations. It’s displayed on both your shop and your products.

Delivery location is displayed on your products and shop, so your customer has an idea of where you deliver to

It helps with how we promote your products

We don’t want to promote your products to audiences that you can’t deliver to. So setting delivery location helps us target these locations.

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