The Basics Of Great Customer Service.

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3 min readMay 24, 2021


Whatever you are selling, there is definitely someone out there selling it too or probably tons of people and there is probably not much price difference between you and them.

So how then do you create a distinction in the customer’s mind between you and your competitors? Easy, through the experience, you provide your customers.

A great customer experience makes advocates out of your customers and aids the growth of your business. Basically, when people are wowed by the service you provide, they will inevitably talk about it. When they talk about it, more people would be keen to patronize your business because of the positive reviews they have heard.

Good customer service boils down to a basic set of dependable and time-trusted principles that you can easily implement in your business.

Here are the hallmarks of great customer support:

  1. Be proactive about your customer’s needs.

When people reach out to a business to make purchases, they typically just want to buy your product, receive it and move on. Being proactive means fulfilling your customers’ needs before they notice them. It’s ensuring that everything your customers need to make a successful purchase is in place. This could include things like:

  • Very clear and succinct product descriptions.
  • Taking great product photos.
  • Improving the accuracy of shipping & delivery predictions.
  • Materials that address FAQ’s

2. Choose your support channels wisely.

Given the number of social channels that exist, there is no shortage of options through which your customers can reach you and while it’s so easy to promise availability via every channel, things can get out of hand quickly. This is because when you tell customers that you provide support across all channels, they’ll expect the level of support to be equal among them all which can be tough to crack as a small business.

Instead of being everywhere, it’s essential that you choose support channels that fit your business and your customer’s needs.

3. Resolve issues fast.

Customers love quick responses & resolutions. Don’t leave them sitting in the DM’s and responding fast doesn’t mean you should over-promise or compromise on quality. Just always endeavor to resolve their issues as fast as you possibly can.

4. Delight your customers.

Delighting your customers doesn’t have to involve some grandiose gesture. It’s about small, thoughtful gestures that break customers’ expectations and create a genuine connection with them.

It could be as simple as sending a personal email, a little gift with their orders, or a handwritten note

5. Show empathy.

Always engage your customers with empathy for their concerns, questions, and issues. It’s easier for people to connect with your business that way. Customers always want to feel assured that you understand what they need and you can’t signal that if you don’t engage from a place of empathy.

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