Our story

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1. We help local sellers set up online shops.

2. We connect trusted, vetted, sellers to delightful customers

  1. That a whole lot of people use Instagram.
  2. To stand out from the crowd on Instagram, you need to be intentional with how you position yourself, or in this case how you position your business.

Ordering via DMs wastes vendors' and buyers’ time, so why are we still doing it?!

Here are the side effects of ordering by DMs for the buyer

  • Non-transparent prices
  • Lengthy conversations just to see the product list
  • Back and forth on logistics arrangement
  • No transparent reviews of the catalog
  • A waste of your time just to buy something

Here are the side effects of ordering via DMs for the vendor

  • Fatigued vendor from taking orders via DM all-day
  • Conversations that don’t lead to guaranteed orders
  • Poor customer service if you don’t reply promptly even though you might be busy with an important thing
  • Need…

and other stressful tales of buying from online vendors

Do you like stress?

  • Buying online should not stress you.
  • It shouldn’t be a back-and-forth DM sending task.
  • It should not waste your time
  • It should not include googling your vendor, or checking them on Twitter and Instagram, just to make sure they are legit.
  • Buying online should not be fearful.
  • Buying online should not include people being rude to you
  • It shouldn’t give you headaches.
  • You should buy what you want and…

Vendors so

Vendors.so helps independent sellers create online shops and connect them to buyers near them

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